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Wonder Purification Mask

Wonder Purification Mask

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Harness unique magnetic power to purify skin, leaving it feeling fresher and more radiant. This mask uses a magnet to delicately draw out residues and impurities that can lead to dry, fatigued-looking skin. An innovative formula brings together plant oils and other natural ingredients that clarify, cleanse, and moisturise skin, leaving it with a smooth, comfortable look that lets its natural glow shine through. 

To Use: Apply a thin layer on clean skin and leave for 2 minutes. Wrap a tissue around the magnet and pass it gently above the skin, allowing the magnet to remove the iron residue along with dirt and toxins. After removing the residue wipe the face with a tissue and rinse with water only. Follow with Lasidore Advanced Hyaluronic Facial Serum and Intensive Hydrating Day Cream - SPF 25, for skin that feels pure and fresh.


50 ml


Squalane (Omega-3), Argan Oil, Vitamin E,C, Calendula Officinalis Flower Oil, Olive Fruit Oil